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Hi friend, thanks for stopping by!659A0895

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a highly-caffeinated go-getter ready to conquer my goals! I have short spurts of extreme motivation so I’ve learned I better do the thing while I still want to do the thing. I’m married to the hunkiest guy I know, and we are the proud parents of Olive the [messy] bull dog, June the [hyperactive] Maltese/Chihuahua/muttdog, and Jellybean the [tempermental] Criagslist kitty.



A little about me…I’m a Real Estate Agent by day, and a yoga-teacher/music-player/dreamer by night. Early mornings are my absolute favorite time of the day. I absolutely CAN NOT just “pop” out of bed, and require at least an hour of coffee & Jesus time before I’m ready to make any kind of move. You don’t want to know the wrath of no-morning-time-Kyla.

I love being domestic, Christmas books, Hallmark Movies & a good cheap wine.

I’ll sell you a house and give you a lecture on your health all in the same day. 😉

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