Hi, I’m Kyla.

I’m a wife, mama and Realtor. Early mornings and [some] of my late nights are spent eating dry cereal out of the box and chronicling the wonderful and unpredictable life I live on this little blog.

I try my best to keep things in our home as natural-ish as possible! I use oils, eat clean, make our own baby food & cloth diaper. But sometimes a gal just needs some wine, goldfish and a bottle of clorox. 80/20, right? 😉

A dream day for me would be waking up early to coffee and breakfast in bed, going for a run while it’s sunny and 77 degrees, spending time with my husband and little boy, and having the entire house cleaned, laundry done, and healthy meals made by our live-in maid.

But alas, I get up before anyone else, make my own coffee and breakfast, sometimes squeeze in a run/walk (I live in Texas so we don’t get 77 degree days; it’s either 99 or 45), and I am the maid.

But I love it.

I’m still learning to juggle wifing, momming, real estating, and all the rest of the things that come with being a grown-up, but I’m confident one day it will click.

Until then, I’ll have plenty of things to keep writing about.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy the stories I share!